Healing Transformation through Yoga + Ayurveda

Healing Transformation through Yoga + Ayurveda

Yoga + Ayurveda

Together, these ancient practices offer a modern opportunity to cultivate tools which enable us to bring our best, most healthy and balanced self forward so we can be of service to ourselves, loved ones, colleagues and our communities.

All are welcome.

Satya Roots provides a supportive, modern, healing, empowering and transformative experience of trauma center trauma sensitive yoga, Ayurveda, and stress management.

About Kathy

I am no stranger to stress and the challenges presented in both the workplace and in the home. As a member of corporate America for 30 years, I know we all juggle competing priorities, strive for work life balance, manage a variety of interpersonal relationships, and understand the importance of making time for self care.

On top of the daily stressors we all face on some level, many of us have personal experience or loved ones with addiction, complex or developmental trauma.