RISE: The Kripalu Approach To Resilience 

Calm, Clarity & Connection

Calm, Clarity & Connection

Tools for Work-Life Balance 

During this in-person program, participants will be introduced to the core concepts of RISE, an evidence-based resilience-building program. 

Over six modules and the use of accessible practices of meditation, breath, and gentle movement, we will learn how to: 

  • Navigate stress skillfully to avoid burnout
  • Build positivity, productivity and mental clarity 
  • Improve stress resilience in the moment and overtime 

Anchored in science and the practice of mindfulness, yoga and positive psychology, the RISE curriculum balances practice, research, and real-world application. Research has shown that participants sustained a boost in mindfulness, empowerment, and resilience, as well as a 32% reduction in day-to-day stress levels. In RISE, we discuss tools that are portable and practical. 

If you are interested in bringing RISE to your organization, please contact me for more information.